Inspections to Avoid the Unexpected
Inspections to Avoid the Unexpected

What to Expect of a Typical Home Inspection with Us

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out.

Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email confirming the inspection’s
date, time and location. Attached to the email will be a copy of our Home Inspection Agreement for your review only. The Agreement clearly and fully describes the scope of service to be provided and the cost associated.

Upon arrival at the home, after introductions our inspector will present you with a Home
Inspection Agreement and request your endorsement. This Agreement is required by the New York State Code of Ethics and Regulations for Home Inspectors. After the paperwork is complete, the inspection process commences. You are encouraged to, and we recommend that you join the inspector through all or parts of the inspection. We will start with a visual examination of the exterior of the home and property. We do this because it provides us with an overall view of the structure that in turn could reveal cause for some interior problems. The garage or carport will then be inspected next before moving to the interior of the home.  We will begin the interior inspection at the uppermost portion of the home and then proceed to the next lower level, and move on to the basement and/or crawlspace. The inspection will conclude with the elctromechanical systems.  The systems and associated equipment included here are electrical, plumbing, domestic water heater, heating, and air-conditioning systems.

An investigation of a typical home of 2,000 square feet and of average condition will take approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours of time on site. You are welcome to accompany the inspector throughout the process.  During the inspection please feel free to ask questions about any components, systems and conditions you would like to gain knowledge of regarding the true state of the Property.

At the conclusion of the on-site Home Inspection there will be a verbal summary consultation to review findings and address any remaining questions that you may have. After the inspection you will receive a detailed, yet easy to read final written report that incorporates pictures providing information that will document all observations made at the time of the inspection, implications of conditions, recommended actions and component life expectensies.

Any questions or needed clarification you might have after receipt of the final inspection report are welcomed.

If you have any questions about the inspection process or have Werts Consulting help by
providing you a professional Home Inspection please contact us.


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