Inspections to Avoid the Unexpected
Inspections to Avoid the Unexpected

Fire Escape Inspection Services

The current International Fire Code as adopted by New York State requires that fire escape stairs, ladders, balconies and their entire system shall be examined for structural adequacy to safeguard occupants and firefighters, in accordance with Section 1104.16.5 by a registered design professional every five years, or as required by the local governing code official. Werts Consulting has and does work with the City of Rochester and other agencies to develope a plan and process that effectively impliments the requirements of the Code.


Werts Consulting will visit the property and assess the condition of the exterior fire escape(s), document our findings and assemble a detailed evaluation report of the fire escape system(s) and their compliance. This report will include a summary of the structure inspected, identify any items of concern if present and provide recommendations of repair or maintenance. If required by the code official, we will re-inspect the idnetified items for completion of repair or maintenace.


If you want to have Werts Consulting help you by providing a fire escape inspection or you have questions regarding the process please contact us.



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